Wednesday, 16 July 2014

De-coding Guys

We all have secrets we want to hide from the opposite gender.

Sorry guys, I am going to reveal your secrets today.

There are many things we do not actually realise about a guy, until he actually says it or confess doing it.

DISCLAIMER : I do not claim that all of this apply to all the guys in the world, this is just what I noticed and realised through conversation with my guy friends. Every guy is different so people, if you get ditched don't come find me.

It is the same for the girls as well, but well, I am a girl so I will just keep all those a secret for now.

Are you ready? Lets go!

First, guys like it when we girls can get comfortable with them.

Being a girl we often have reserved when we are with the opposite gender, but if you get too stiff around a guy, it is going to be real awkward for them as well. I mean, try not to be soooooo shy, but shy. Because I believe guys will like their girl, to be open and extra caring to them. Whether friendship or otherwise. Don't be all like, " OMG he is so handsome, I shall be more feminine and reserve".  NO, not this way. Be yourself, not only guys like it, I believe we girls like it too. Being comfortable can also mean about how you wear,  I believe guys love it when girls take their time to dress, makeup and blah. But if you are just chillin' in with a movie, it is nice to just wear some comfortable clothing and no makeup too, right?


Lets get real here, have you ever waited and waited for a "good morning" text to come but it never did? Well, why can't you be the one saying  "good morning" first. It is not a speech or enterprise, just do it, it will not kill you. I do not know how happy he might feel and who knows he might just scream in excitement becasue he got a text from you first? (Impression Marks PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS)


To see something that fits perfectly on himself but oversized on you could be a trigger to extreme cuteness. IDK WHY too, but this is one of the most common response a guy could give to me. I guess they just like how laid back and how comfy it can look on a girl. Hoodies, I think this is the most amazing thing, even I myself as a girl, wants to steal. I like oversized jackets, although it may look a little too big but I guess that is the attractive point? This proved you do not have to wear skin tight clothing to be sexy.

4. Take note: Guys do cry.

Sometimes we over think that a guy is strong enough, but when you actually pierce through their heart, you might not even know it. They cry, if they say they haven't in awhile, or 10 years did not. They are most likely lying. We are all humans, and we cry, we cry to vent. Give them your biggest listening if they do. If they cry infront of you... girl, you have earned someone whom you should never let him go.

5. Guys are sensitive too

Yknow how people say like, "OMG he is so not sensitive to my feelings how can he say this, that he is ugly blah blah blah" Stop, if you don't like it, he does not like it too. Bear with this, they are generally more emotional than girls, just that guys does a better job at hiding it. Like this is FACT OF THE DAY, something very little can affect their confidence and their emotions.


6. When he tease you, it means he likes you.

Likes may or may not be those special feelings. Like can just be a mutual feeling. When he gently plays or pull your hair, or like light punches you, or maybe want to have more skin contact with you. Girl, the game is on. He is interested in you, why will anyone be like this if not? Quit thinking too much about everything sometimes. BUT, if he really PUNCHES YOU. YOU, need to give him a ninja kick with 2 tight slaps and freaking 3 shoe faced.

THAT IS ALL I GOT FOR THIS. Honestly I can go on and on and on and on and on with this but hey, yknow, we want to know shits so, let me know if you liked this. And if there is a guy reader..... tell me how true this is!

Stay amazing

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