Saturday, 26 July 2014

Finally Fifteen

Birthday - A day where we commemorate the origin, founding, or beginning of something.
This year 2014, I turn 15, finally fifteen.

Celebrated my birthday in the most low key manner this year. But one of the most memorable times I ever had.

Not saying much, I only have a few wishes for the 15th year of my life. Is it a obligation to share wishes down here? Will you guys ever see and grant me?

The most important thing I wish for now is, health and happiness. Not going to lie, I wish for this 2 every single year over and over and over again. What more can I actually ask for than those priceless smiles and laughter I can ever get from others?

I want to let down past grudges but touching my heart, I can never forgive nor intend to forgive those who might have hurt me. It is like a knife, if you cut me, it will heal as time passes , but there will be a scar. For this, I am a little goner about this, I took much things into consideration to even set myself to wish this to the burning candle.

I want to stop lying. But apparently, some things well off better not knowing anything, right? White lies are just my weakness, because I say them too easily, too fast. I hate liars, hate is a strong word and I am using it, I hate liars. But I am one myself, that is the irony I live in. This superficial world just scares me so bad.

BUT ANYWAYS! I had a cake, and had candles this year as well. But in the hospital, stop asking me why but I just celebrated it inside a hospital, and it did not feel great as much. This birthday, the only thing I am upset about is.. whom which I consider closest to me, didn't wish me. Until the last minute, I was waiting but nothing came. Sad enough, right? Who knows that this is the way she want to prove she turned her back on me? Hope you are reading this, or hope someone send you this, or maybe I should just say it in your face.

In a sense, 25th of July is not complete, but in another sense, I am blessed.

I had a great time out. Never had such fun in sometime. Emotional day, filled with surprises ( good and bad ones).

Now that I am typing this. I feel so weird.

Florite Ninja

This is the outfit I chose to wear on my birthday. I just thought it literally reflected me. I enjoy dark concepts, especially towards  full black outfits. It just make me feel like I can do anything. The suspender straps have white wordings that I never tried to understand. I wore my school shoes, it is becoming a bad habit of mine to do that. Wearing the nearest shoe I can find. I wore a necklace that has kind of a shark tooth, and a necklace gifted to me by a person close to my heart.

Sum up my birthday, I am a really blessed person, past is, now is, still will.

and look at my baby cousin who was just borned~~~

I am sorry, but I love you.

When I have any nice things to say about this birthday, I will show you guys.

ig: @nsnceline

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