Saturday, 12 July 2014

Gradient Lips

SO, many people ask me how I do my gradient lips so, just let me teach you too okay?

If you do not know what is gradient lips yet, it is very popular in Korea as they imply this to make their lips look pouty and cuter. Gradient lips is basically where the darkest colour is inside and slowly fades out.

I personally liked this look a lot. No particular reason, I think it just give a good mix of cuteness on my face and rough on my outfit.

So, you will need :

So firstly, you need to pat your concealer or foundation over your lips. Look like a pale ghost...

Den, take your lipstick, and put it only on the middle of your lips, both up and down. Be slow with this because if you screw at this part, you will have to redo it again.

Use finger to and pat the lips gently and spread the product to the rest of your lips. BE GENTLE OKAY, do not go all rough.

Lastly, put more lipstick on the middle to give a more outstanding gradient effect.

SMOOCH ON YOUR CLEAR LIPGLOSS. And you are good to go baby.

you can experiment with different colours, like orange~ 

Hope you guys learnt something...

I love you!

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