Saturday, 5 July 2014

June Favourites 2014

Hello! It is finally July, a month where many magical things is going to happen.... Actually no, just stress because my O levels are crawling here me,  but there are things I can look forward too! Like.. my 15th birthday! It is a hint guys, yknow it~ joking.

WELCOME TO MY JUNE FAVOURITES, honestly there are so many things I have been loving in the month June, I got to try out many new things!

Blade choke

So the first thing is a choker type, but looser necklace. It falls nicely below on my neck. I find that it brings extra attention to my otherwise plain outfits. Have been into the whole simply one coloured outfit. the pendent give the whole outfit extra life and attitude, because of the shape that looks like, a blade. That is what I personally see out of this whole, sharp thing. Just, wearing it like crazy and it has a special meaning to it.


I got this cat eyed sunnies from Bangkok and I honestly never stop wearing it. I bring it out wherever I go and I also think that this bring out extra colour and attitude because of the "cat eyed" thing at the side. I think this really screams attitude into your face and of course make a good combination whether if you are wearing cool or warm tone clothes.

Nail polishes.

For almost the whole June holiday, I had this colour on me. It is the brightest and cheerful colour I own in my life. It is pink and that is important because hello, your girl here loves pink so this is it.

NYX electra

So, if you watched my bangkok vlog or seen on instagram, you most likely would have seen this colour a whole load of time. I was honestly afraid to wear this colour before because it is so bright and people from very far away could spot that you are wearing a bright red lipstick. But after I tried out in Bangkok, I realise how good I felt when I wear this. I am NOT sorry if you hate lipsticks like this because you just have to get that, THIS is what I like, and no I am not going to waver because you do not think is nice.

HR Lash Queen Sexy Blacks

This is definitely an super expensive buy. I was doubting its ability to make my lashes look long and still give me the volume at the same time. I think it was $40 for 2. I have known this brand for quite sometime and did some homework about it before I decided to spend it when I am going to the airport. I did, and there was NO REGRETS. I promise you, I really promise you.

Book recommendation, Panic by Lauren Oliver.

I read this book in the June holidays, once again this book is an amazing book. It is talking about teenagers being bored during summer holidays so they created this game called Panic where they go through high challenging games to win money. And all people that join this game have a dark secret on why they want to win the money, betrayals and lies. I guess the story was just plot amazingly.

Song recommendation

C-clown SOLO,

4minute What you doing today,

That's all for June favourites! Hope you guys enjoy reading all my amazing things in my month.

I love you!


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