Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Purified Wings

IT IS JULY, not June anymore. Not holidays anymore which means, school have already reopened.

The pit of hell.

Something I thought of in class so I just decided to share with you guys, not very awesome or edited, just came to my mind.

" The hazy sky makes me feel like everything that happened all along was dreamlike. But it wasn't a dream, I am still in this cafe, being tied up like a bird. I have wings, but it was deformed. The solution was, love. But I have no ability to restore situations that have already happened. Neither could I face it because my heart wasn't able to conquer it. I face it like a challenge, like the new survival series. By now, you will be thinking that all of this are just ridiculous, but no let me tell you, the second chapter is only going to be unveiled when I bring up the courage to face problems. As we think we shot down an Angel, it broke it's own wings, in order to be human. Rather despising, embracing will be amazing too. Wings are beautiful we know it, the white feathery pieces. Let your wings spread, stop restraining yourself to do what you can do. Time is precious. Fuck all this bullshits, only recently I realised that I was not able to believe in myself to achieve that why I felt inferior. I won't let your opinions drown me anymore. I am not Harry Potter. I cannot cast spells or do magic. But remember when you do something you like, it is magic, because it is powerful, to be myself. "

So, if you guys watched the news or rather if you live in Singapore, you might have known about the largest Chinese Orchestra performance in the New Sports Hub, OPOM, our people our music. If I didn't remember wrongly. Honestly the night was amazing, this was the biggest stage I ever stepped on and I was certainly honored, but practices are boring.. I sucked so bad, I was actually feeling sleepy and was half awake during the practice, I didn't have much sleep the night before so cannot really blame me.

Time pass like really quick and honestly, we have came finally to the next semester of the year. Amazing to know how time pass, but I am scared too, because, Secondary school have much memories I would like to keep. BUT NO, compared to this I am more excited to graduate and started life in poly/JC or somewhat. Next week is my O level's mother tongue oral examinations. Still stunned by the time but I am going to make it worth it.

Thats all I have for now, school is keeping me busy. At least I have some distraction.

I love you.

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