Saturday, 5 July 2014

Rainbow Highness

Rainbow Highness.

This whole outfit is making me feel like a real diva. I love how the colours just smack into your face and make the atmosphere a little brighter than it really is. I do look really approachable finally? or nah? I am really into dresses, especially weird dresses like this. I have personally never seen something like this in this country at least. I love unique things like this, because it make me stand out I like that feeling. People most likely is going to think: who is this crazy bitch wearing this kind of clothes in public? Hello, now you know, me.

I am wearing the colourful socks that is literally OUT  of my comfort zone. It is fun working with unfamiliar things because you get to experience the differs and may actually fit it next time. I used to be a all black or white person but colours just invaded into my life and I just cannot stop it anymore.

This might sting to some people, but if you are not getting your ass out of what you usually do, you are going nowhere.

I got 3 new lipstick shades. Presuming that Monday is a full holiday, I am going to take the best lighting to flim my lipstick collection. It is a sneak already people, stay tuned. Stay beautiful.

I love you.


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