Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Firstly, let me show you some pictures of Dim Sum.

I stumbled upon this cute little place where I got one of the good place for dim sum. And yeah, ate quite a bit and not going to exercise, because I am a sucker.

Firstly, my life is not that exciting every single day honestly guys, if you think that way, I cannot explain anymore further. Although there are some things happening, I just want to spend time with friends and family. So, honestly I have nothing much to share about my life up until now.

Screwed up the first O level examination, and still trying to save it and preventing it from getting worse. Thankfully, weirdly, my parents are not much concerned about this O level, rather they are quite supportive nowadays. Maybe they understand I am trying my best for this exam? This has got to be the best type of feeling I have experienced in awhile from now. Cherishing the faith, is what we all are supposed to do.

Just today, I feel that I was an emotional unstable person. I almost or rather I cannot stand hard feelings. Especially when I gave all my trust and I gain but shattered pieces of heartbreak. I cannot even understand why people do this type of thing. People hurt each other, humans vs humans. Sometimes I even think we can't even compare ourselves to animals, no matter against loyalty, love, and every single sense. Who knows I have already offended people? Just, always put yourself at the first place, and never forget unless you found that really special person that really deserves it.

Talking about loving yourself, please take care of your own health, there are so many people falling sick nowadays. If you are about you fall sick, try drinking more water and eating more fruits, the weather is freaking hot these days so never forget to drink as much water as  you can, as much as a camel if you must. Doing light exercise can also strengthen your immune system.

For me, my face has been getting worse, not sure if because the changing weather that made it became worse or just my hormones are just getting crazy inside my body. All juggled up.

I finally watched the fault in our stars, honestly, not going to lie. I cried like crazy once Gus told Hazel he was going to die. From there onwards, it is gone, I just keep on crying and crying for goodness sake. Not sure if anybody saw or judge me but the story was just making me feel emotional. I am such a sucker for romance films. Because I usually cannot hold back my tears.

Well, the movie taught me a few things, which was to cherish people whom I am close with now, because we will never know what will happen the next second. Secondly, there can be people who tries to understand, and pretend to understand but never will because they are not going through the same thing as you are. And lastly, someone will love you for what you are, so you do not need to change.

Here are 2 ootds I would like to share, I went out more than this but I did not take any pictures becasue I don't feel like it.

Colour Swirl :

Top: Bangkok
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: All Star
Necklace: strigio

This outfit makes me feel so happy in a sense where I finally implied colours into my outfits. I do not see tie dyes in Singapore all that much at all. I have a feeling this will come back to trend but I guess, by that time, I would have not like it. I cannot explain how I like this casual feeling of this, in my comfort zone but not exactly. But this outfit makes me feel really happy and going lucky.

Second outfit is called: Animal bound

Dress: bangkok
shoes: wholesale7

This leopard type of dress is actually flying out of my comfort zone and honestly, I doubt wearing this again. It is such a statement piece, the prints are just so into your face so I did not pair it with necklace or bracelet. I just wore some white strappy heels, and just went out like this.

Thanks for reading this random type of post.

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