Sunday, 3 August 2014

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As you can see from my header.

I mean, who does not like good clothes. I love good clothes, especially those that are really unique and "tumblr-ish" as many said.

I own a cupboard full of weird clothes, never stopping to find clothes.

Sometimes it is just the little details in life we see clearer.

@pastelglitters_ will definitely be your bestfriend, no matter in terms of bag, shoes, or clothes, or sometimes even accessories.

I got this "crochet patterned bandage skirt" and the" nude buckle glossy sandals" . I like how they have really interesting names... kind of.

So, this is how I styled this 2 pieces of beautiful item.

Crochet Patterned Bandage Skirt

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: @pastelglitters_
Shoes: all star

I styled it with a white sweater which has LOVE printed in front of it. I am in love with white recently, not to say a ALL WHITE outfit. An all white outfit gives a lot of attitude to what you style for. The white skirt, surprisingly has a pants inside, so there is no hassle to even wear an extra piece to cover up. The sweater gave a very casual and slouch feeling while the skirt gave a really feminine and that little pop of surprise and glamness. I styled this with my All Star white vans and tied my hair up into a neat high ponytail. Always love contradicting items.

Nude Buckle Glossy Sandals

Top: school event
Bottom: Bangkok
Shoes: @pastelglitters_
Necklace: gift

I styled this into a super simple combo of a tee shirt and some pink skorts. This time, the shoes stand out quite a bit. Just when I step out of my house, I realise people are looking at my shoes. " Good shoes must be shown. " That is why I tone down my top and heavily emphasize on my shoes. The buckle shoes, add that simple elegance and much more.

Tell me which is nicer? 1st one or the 2nd one?


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Love you all.


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