Monday, 11 August 2014

Body Shaming

Body shaming is a big thing no matter in online or offline.

People are taking body shaming so lightly nowadays?

Why do you make others look bad, if you think so much better just let that be.

Body shaming is defined as a inappropriate negative statements or attitudes to another person's weight or size.

No matter you're thin or over weight. Remember, you can never please anyone, DO NOT TRY to please anyone because it is impossible.

Just pin pointing, there are people who are already NATURALLY THIN. Please, do not mistake everyone is born with different structures and DNA that made us all one and only, or if you might, ONE OF A KIND.

Honestly, I do not know which fu*ker came up with the standards of beauty. Or which how beauty should be defined. I am sure having huge chest and a nice ass sure make someone look better, but THERE are guys out there who prefer a girl with a smaller bust, or a girl who is more on the chubbier side.

Yes they do exist, even at this century.

Us, girls or woman, always think that being pretty means being thin, having a small face, tiny waist and so on so forth.

Let me tell you, being beautiful comes in all different shape and sizes.

It is human for us to notice if someone if plus size or thin or what clothes they are wearing in one look, well it is just human that we take note of things. But do you really have to go up to the person to say "you're fat" "you are anorexic" "you are just bones" "lose some weight".
I am sure, they would have noticed it too before you even comment. Why not let them be? 

must you point out someone's flaw? well, that does not make you a better person.

It hurts as much when you call someone anorexic, and when you call someone fat.
Sometimes, they are just born with it, they cannot change it. So why not make them feel that their body is just alright too? Just because their physical body is different, the inside in the same.

Body shaming can cause so much impact on someone. This is when, all the self-harming, all the negativity, all the sadness, all the mental things steps in. Sometimes, it takes over. And its the end.

Everyone is beautiful in a way. You are beautiful. Not only girls, but boys too.

You do not need all those muscles to make a girl feel that you can protect her. All of that differs.

I love you.

" Gather up all your tears,
swallow them down.

Save them for a special occasion."


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