Thursday, 7 August 2014


Too many things happening at once.

So, I have kept this draft for quite some time. Recently, have been posting way too many upsetting blog post. Guess you guys are sick of it too alright?

Who wants to see me unhappy all the time... I mean there are people who wish unhappiness off others. But yeah, hi, if you would like to see me upset, go do some self-reflecting. You might need some counseling down your sick brain.

Just update you all with my boring life.

As usual with the schooling system. Our education system need to start to be a little creative with the teachings and make lessons more engaging and more attractive. Actually, there is almost no way that studying will be fun, those people around me that made the class much more alive and fun. I am not much of a sitting down student, I need to be active all the time, but I am just refrain in a sit for the rests of the 7 long hours.

And, I was lost in the feelings this few days, honestly I have nothing much to say about my life. I feel the world is just turning around.. back to emo thoughts.

I recently flimed the "whats in my bag video" since someone requested it on my So freaking lazy and no time to edit it, have to urge to just post the unedited one, but there will be so much shit, so I please be patient with me.

I really have nothing to say... gosh guys. I promise, something interesting is coming up now!!!!!

Stay tune. I promise.

I love you!

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