Monday, 25 August 2014

focal point

Sorry for a haitus. There is just too much happenings at once, I couldn't take it all.

Happiness has died, she no longer live inside of me. And do not comment if you never gone through what I have been through so keep your mouth tight.

Being hated online wasn't a surprising thing for me, but well, if someone drags my family into it, it becomes a concern to me. Whoever you are, honestly curse you. No one curse someone's family like this, like you do. Heartless like fuck, like what in the world my parents did wrongly in life to get me to this world. Well, at least to do someone better than you. I will not hold back if I know who you are, either you come and confront me, or when I find you.. you better know how to apologise.

When it comes to misunderstandings, there is many view points. Usually there will be 2, well, most people will choose to stand on one side, some are neutral and wait to be convince to one side. Conflicts occur when information are not transported properly from one source to another, well we cannot blame. As humans, we are all small-hearted when we hear people talk about us. So, we often get defensive and retaliate even when we do not really mean to hurt.

Being involved in a conflict, usually only happen between 2 small groups or 2 individuals. Usually, if the problem is really big, someone must have called for "help". Well, I get it, human, we say our piece and not care about the other side. But some words are unnecessary for you to say, or I would even phrase it as, not even your business.

Conflicts can only be solved when the 2 initials have done their part in talking their piece. When we hear the other side of the story, "pathetic" "lies" "bullshit" often walk pass our mind. Well, because we already have a definite answer in what we believe in. As reckless teenagers, we often do not think before we act, because our fingers works faster than our brain could process.

We fell under a spell called "stupidity". Since no one actually wants to clear things out. No one bothered to even know what exactly happened before commenting or get involved. Hearing one side of the story and judging base on one side is just plain stupid.
Don't act innocent like you do not know anything.

Well, things will eventually come to an end. Forgiving is not a painful choice, well, being someone that will still exist in life. But sorry, I better draw a clear line and never get involve in whatever shit you are in. I am so scared that my family will get dragged in again and my life get fucked up by you again.

And do not judge my friend like this, you do not know her well enough to let alone say anything about her.

Pardon all of the vulgars, but this is the last time I will bring this issue up. bye.

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