Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to get over someone

Have you ever have mornings when you just what to eat pancakes so badly...?

I'm sorry, that is not the point but it just something. I want to share about advices that I would give to forget someone who might have hurt you in the past.

Memories are the worst. When you think you have forgotten about the person, and that something just remind you about him or her. It is the worst, isn' it?

Suck up your tears boys and girls, everything happened for a good reason.


First, I am going to start with the most mainstream advice anyone would give, widen your social circle.

Don't confide sadness within yourself, be it your best friend or boyfriend or girlfriend left you. I used to think I only have them but now I realised that I have more than that, I have a circle of people which I left out when I am with them. Find people who might understand your pain, or might have been through the same type of pain. Talk to people, about what you feel, not necessarily be a human, but just somebody. You will find some inner peace and some burden lessen within your heart.

Secondly, this is just my personal favourite. Write a letter to yourself.

Writing down all the upsetting things you have been through. Writing all the sadness away. Writing actually make some people even worse since you re-think of all the beautiful memories you might have. To me, that will be the last time I will ever think of them, promise yourself that, since you think that there is no more space for you to even contain that person in your life. Keep or burn that paper at all means, I chose to burnt mine. Beautiful memories can stay, but sadness shall be gone my dear.

Thirdly, love yourself.

Go do some shopping, buy some new clothes and makeup. Hell yeah, go for a facial, what is the big deal of not having that boy? or girl. I mean like, you deserve so much better after they let go of you. You are going to be more beautiful and handsome and do anything you want in life and shine. But I am not saying don't study, no, study and play time has a small line. Well, we all deserve that small break in between, especially when we are alone. Alone so what? I am like super happy when I am alone recently, there is the non-stop craziness going on my life now, I crave peace, weird right?

Fourth, leave the past.

Things happens for a reason, he or she leaving you is one too. Stop cramping yourself in the past, asking why can't this last, why promises, why this why that. It is over my friend, why hold on to something that will never turn back for you anymore? Quit wasting the time you could be spending on something more meaningful in life. I know many people that got trapped in the past, struggling to get past. That moment, you might feel like you will never get over, but yknow, you might not forget but it will fade, slowly fade away. Time is your bestfriend, it just gets your pain soften.

Number 5, go to a place and cry.

yeah, I am asking you to cry. Crying helps us release pain and tension, physically and mentally. What you are experiencing a bunch of pain at once, and you just didn't think that it might happen so your heart and mind couldn't take it. Being upset is normal, let it all out will make yourself feel better, but honestly, don't do it too often since it is going to hurt, even more worst if you keep on crying over the same thing. No point crying over spilt milk, why not get another glass?

Lastly, never get work up by another person's words.

I bet there will be so many nasty thing going around. Learn how to not listen to other's opinion, or rather do not take them to heart. Everyone wants to be the victim, you see. So, just learn to ignore their words, don't give a damn, focus on those who are really important in your life, release the inner devil. But stay cool, do not go on a rampage and be like "NOOOOOOOO" but stay cool.

Yeah, that is all you need. Doesn't matter if they are once there. Since they chose to be gone, someone will be replacing that spot soon enough.

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