Friday, 1 August 2014

July Favourites 2014

Its August which means, JULY FAVOURITES. Honestly, July has been a hectic month, settle down for a new school term and exams are starting soon. The year is about to end, sure there is many stuffs going on at once.

Now, more than half of the year have already been gone. Honestly, not sure what I have done productively this year. Maybe it is time for me do start doing something that will make myself feel great.

AND I HAVE A CHALLENGE FOR YOU GUYS. Don't run away! Stay tune till the end to join the fun!

Loreal Hydra Fresh

I swear I wasn't sponsored by Loreal, I just genuinely like their products quite a bit. Because my skin is so prone to acne and dryness nowadays. This is just my holy grail. I just got started using this not long ago, a little over a month. It does really feel like wonder, my skin feels so clean after washing. Like you know when you touch a smooth surface and its clean that " squeaky " feeling you know girl.


I am not sure where this is from since, I got this as a gift. NO, it is not from TIffany and Co even though I am using their box. Well, A necklace can have a lot to say, memories and happiness, especially when it is a gift from someone else. Necklace can be a really easy statement for simple outfits, just add that little sparkle to the boring theme I always have.

Too-faced, the Bronzed & the Beautiful

You know it, that contouring habit I have. To those wondering what contour I use, I use this. It has 4 different colours, each for different type of mood and outfits. Someday just add a little glow, some day just feel like being little more tan or maybe someday OR everyday to make your face look more define.


This may be just one of my insecurities. I hate my stretch marks. You might be like, you have stretch marks?? Yeah I do. But not because I am pregnant but because when I undergo puberty, my thigh area actually stretched really quick causing stretch marks to appear. It is really ugly when I wear shorts and I can see that the stretch marks is just there, but fuck that since I have this. My marks has been like slowly fading. It is not cheap but definitely worth the invest.

Book Recommendation of July

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It is just basically a story about a bloodline princess going to be killed. She has a guardian to protect her, and a little love story. I guess it is something that I will be finding Book 2 to read up on, and continue the story.


Korean will be This Song by 2AM

English choice will be Monsters by RIhanna

AND THE CHALLENGE: I challenge you to do the Call me maybe Mighty Squat challenge. I promise you, if you complete this, you will just sit on the chair for the rest of the day. Feel the good pain.

Thats about all, I love you guys !

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