Sunday, 31 August 2014

overrated felicità

As many of you guys know, yeap, I got the Samung camera.

I had been eyeing on it ever since the launch, well, I finally decided to splurge on it. Definitely  going to be using it pretty often I guess. It is slim and pretty, well, everyone will want it.
So yeap, yesterday I went to Punggol to celebrate my grandmother's birthday. It is pretty much a fun day.

I have been trying to keep sometime for my studying as well as balanced friendship bonding time and of course family time! There will be exploding amount of photos since I brought my camera out, for the first time I brought it out. Pretty much awesome and it feels like an accessory more than a camera. Pretty handy.

Flatter Pink

Top and Bottom: Bangkok
Shoes: All star
Necklace: Tiff and CO

Well, I am not much of a pink pink person, or rather I am just always black, white or grey. Just another day when I feel like wearing some colours and feel like a normal girl who would wear pink. It was weird for me honestly, but I really love how it makes me feel happy just by wearing it. The "my little pony" crop top was just a serious yes, not sure how many times I wore it to sleep but, it is the first time I am wearing that out. I was just afraid. Pink skorts was a yes, looks like a skirt but its pants, perfect for a girl like me who often forget about posture.
Should I wear this type of clothing more often?

To me, every Saturday or Sunday, I would rather spend time with my family than anyone else. Since, they made Sunday a " family day" I wonder how many people actually still do this, spend quality time with your parents and siblings. I do think that a strong bonded family needs to have effective communication between each other. I know that everyone has something to be busy about, but you can always just give 1 or 2 hours to just chat about what is going on in your life, update them about events that happen, or maybe just something funny that happened. But most people, just take them forgranted.

More pictures.

and yeap, no face products except for brows. 

I will post more from now on, alright? provided I could have some time to type and edit. I love you all.

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