Saturday, 13 September 2014

20 facts about Celine

Welcome to 20 facts about me! Celine's edition.

1. I was fascinated by death.
Don't you wonder how you will die someday? stabbed or drowned.

2. I have character in whatever I do, I do it my style, my way.
Because I do not believe in compromising techniques, if there are things I can do it myself, solo is the way.

3. I always thought that cutting wasn't the right way to "release" unhappiness.
Self harming gets you nowhere. You can never go wrong by just eating another tub of icecream, then seeing those blood.

4. I had bad thoughts about my life before, I have been there before.
That moments were times I never want to go back again. never again.

5. I am not afraid of anything unless it regards my family, they are my weakness.
I will protect them till i die.

6. I like icy cold stuff, no matter weather or food, I love them all.
That explains why I am the Ice Empress. And, some people like to say my personality is cold as well.

7. I have a brother and a sister. Youngest in the family.
Yes, I am that spoilt brat. That annoying lil sister you will pray not to have.

8. I love Sora. Because they never left me, since the beginning.
No words for them.

9. I think it's dumb to create hate, when you can love.
People are treating hate like a game. It hurts whether to hate or being hate. Trust me, it is not going to get you anywhere in life.

10. I am bad at catching fashion trends, it does hit me that quickly.
I only have mood dressings, I wear whatever I want to wear.

11. Dark/Red lip > Pink/Nude lip
bad girl, forever.

12. I can spend hours reading, watching animes, or see the runway models.
The book I am reading now is, the sea of monsters. Anime is Is this a Zombie? total comedy and action. The most recent runway show I watched was Tony Burch's new fall collection. The first real runway show I watched was at the Singapore Mall, they had this mini fashion show.

13. I like unique things.
Or weird.

14. I like it when I could feel people's sincerity and love.
Letters or pointless surprises.

15. I think the least, surprisingly, when it rains.
The rain acts as a slow calmer. Like a burning candle.

16. Fuck betrayers.
Well, do I need to explain this

17. I used to have a hobby of collecting price tags, I still have them though.
I have loads of cute one.

18. I am Celine, 15.
19. I wished I had longer legs.
My legs are short, my body proportion sucks.

20. I am fighting the demons.
never give up on your life, pick up your sword and fight till the end.

Well, thats all!! I hope you liked this type of post. Well, you might know a little more about me.

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