Thursday, 11 September 2014

Beauty Standards

I know I know, I have been really inactive on my blog this past weeks, not mainly because I have nothing to talk about, but more of like, there is so many things happening and my soul just needs a little break from all that jazz, but well, I have came back. To this little world of mine, there is like, the new trend of #20facts about me, I have been tagged by so many people. Should I do it?

Today I am going to touch on Asian Beauty Standard.

What do Asians consider pretty? How does it differ from the Western?

Is it reasonable? Pain striking?

I have this friend, let just name her Mary here, in "traditional standard", she is beautiful. Her black long straight hair, boney hands and small thighs. She is one of the perfect standard for the usual "tumblr" - thinspiration. Even the thigh gaps, she got it, even without trying.

First things first, so what does Asian consider beautiful? Yes, black silky and certainly long hair, pale skin, big eyes, full lips and a thin figure. Not even skinny, but thin.

Because of such beauty standards set, there are so many girls out there struggling with eating disorders. Well, lets not get too deep into Anorexia and leave it for next time.

In the Chinese tradition, they often do not appreciate curvy woman, because they prefer woman that are thin and really thin, not even an average size 4 or 5, but size 0 or less. Well, I guess Asian just prefers cute and small little girls over sexy confident woman.

Even in popular cities, like Korea or Japan, they like to be more of the "cutesy" girl, rather than the one that doesn't follow the "trend".

As you can see, the definition of beauty is so fucking twisted.

I cannot stand seeing girls claiming that they are on a diet and ditch meals, just to stay skinny or the figure that majority of guys would accept. If a guys look up to you by your looks, oh god, that is just not the way it should be.

Another thing is, in traditional, chinese or just basically Asians. Girls are supposed to be "guai", which translate to being a good child. Some are even educated to speak softly, and never to raise their voice or even share opinions, because " the guy is the biggest".

People have this mental thinking that, us Asians should be thin since genetically we can't really be as curvy as a American.  So many damn girls, even girls my age, are doing extremes to get to the figure they feel like they lack of.

If so, why shouldn't we check if a guy has broad shoulders, or be muscular, or have perfect nose eyes and face. Oh, I forgot, because the guy pick the girls, and the girls doesn't have a choice. Traditionally.

Well, listen, you are beautiful. Size 0-12. You are amazing and you will always be.


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