Saturday, 27 September 2014

Celine's Exam Tips (?)

It is midweek and examinations are coming for us. How stressful is it? But all I have to do now is just hold on and just work hard for the exams, it will be paid off, I suppose. Don't you hate it when you really studied for a test or exam but you get back crappy results, dang it stings.

So, recently I have been really a lot less active than I was during June or last year, I am not exercising or working out on a basis. It kind of struck me as I was strolling through youtube and seeing blogilates have so many new workout videos. So yeah, definitely going to pump up my life again with some sweat and push myself to the next level.

Only 3 months left to 2015. Time passes really fast don't it? I remember the times where I would just constantly waste my time around school, slacking, making a fool out of myself in public but now? 

Just a blink of an eye and I will be 16. Up and ready for O-levels and graduation. Honestly, I still haven't changed the thought of "quickly" get out of secondary school, since okay, even though secondary school provided me a lot of small lessons I need in my life to be strong and know how the society would be like. I really can't wait to have more freedom and dress up more.

Remember doing my resolutions for 2014, and honestly, how many have I done? We will know at the end of the year. Honestly I haven't done much for the year and I do not think that I will complete every resolution. But I am going to try to complete it with the remaining time I have.

Honestly, I do not know what I am doing sometimes.


Okay, so I left this draft for longer than 2 weeks. I was busy I guess, and nothing really appeal me anyways. I am at this face of life where I will gain and lose weight like crazy, yknow why. Because the hell ( exams ) started.

My mind is just filled with " if I do not score on this, I literally fail in life." I have the determination. But I have this really bad habits during exam period. I eat alot when I am studying and anything other than studying I will not put anything into my mouth, till the extend I might even ditch food because I think it will make me forget points I need to remember during exams.

And, before exam starts, specifically that morning, I take in way too much sugary items. My energy level will sprout and immediately fall to the stress pit all over again. It is just a bad habit, but my advice to take some chocolates in the morning of the exams, it boost memory and make you more attentive for the paper.

Well, it is honestly just me. and, for those people who are having exams now. DO NOT BE TAKEN ABACK by those questions you don't even understand a single word. Just bomb the question, because, leaving a question blank is the worse decision you can ever make. NEVER EVER DO THAT.

Whats up with all those -- Celine's Exam Tip

Just yesterday, I attended the Dior makeup like a star program, well, they never failed me. Just the fact I am more into the "korean" type of makeup nowadays.

Disco Box

Top, bottom, shoes, necklace are all from overseas.

I do not know why did I even decide to wear outfit like this. I think the outfit brings a very fun spec with the colourful skirt and formal because of the structure. I feel really good when I wear like this, although this is definitely out of my comfort zone.

And the day wasn't that great, I had a minor fight with someone and felt sucky. BUT, I was saved by the ultimate red lipstick. Sorry, RED lipstick really has some crazy impact on my life at this point of my life. I feel like I gives me the strength I need.

Just a song that has been on reply: JJCC- bing bing bing

thanks for constantly reading my life. Nothing interesting but yeah, bless you. 

ig; @nsnceline

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