Tuesday, 2 September 2014

expressway to smiling

I am sorry, but I am going to show a series of food, now. I realise I always do that, don't I?

So, I had a wonderful evening together with the Lancôme team for their new launch of products.

Black Mage

Top: I can't seem to rememeber
Shorts: forever 21
Jacket: Malaysia
Stockings: online
Shoes: wholesale7
Necklace: Bangkok

That is one long list, but yeah. The theme for the launch was black and gold. Honestly, I absolutely no problem with black, but gold? It is pretty tricky. So I took a chiffon shirt, yes it is a shirt just that it is long enough to be a dress, with the collar filled with golden beads. Honestly, I think it is a surprising touch to the whole outfit. I chose a black leather jacket over the soft girly chiffon material, to kind of toughen up the whole look, since it is just my style. The stockings was just for formality, and black booties to lengthen my legs. This outfit is one big yes from me, girly but yet strong.


The view at 4 season hotel was breathtaking. I was the only one at the balcony, so of course, there is different thoughts as I went out at 2 different timing. One was, when the sky was still bright and the other was the night view.

Let's start on the brighter time, evening time. I went out with a pure thought of capturing moments of buildings and scene. Thinking back, I was actually thinking about the future. Like, it made me had wonderful imagination about the place I might be living in the next 10 over years, Singapore, will become? Technology is improving, infrastructure is turning into a piece of art. I just feel like everything around me moving so quickly and I am just gaining more and more knowledge as time passes and losing some things for good.

For the dark scene, the view was stunning. But why do I feel sad? Not sure if it was because of the emptiness there, or I just had so many open scars left. The balcony was at the 20th storey high, and I actually had the thought, of jumping off from the unfenced plants. It might sound untrue, but how true was that. I stood really near to the transparent low railing, thinking what might happen if I lose my balance suddenly and fall off the building. Time was passing so quickly like I said, I did not have enough time to regain my strength when I fall and I had to surpress all my energy into another thing. You know what I mean?

The night sky is lonely.

But well, it has the moon and stars to accompany it, to make it brighter than it should be.

Is your life very happening, hectic and make you feel like you do not belong suddenly? Well, we are on the same boat then, but let's slowly hop off to the shore we want to stay on, and persevere till the last breath we have. In this life, we will not stop learning things, no matter how old or how young you might be.

And yes, it is alright to have some negative thoughts sometimes, but what's important is, know how to put them away.

I love you.

ig: @nsnceline


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