Friday, 5 September 2014

How to be a good friend/maintain friendship?

People say, friends come and go. 

Well, I have to agree, but some outsiders take it as " got new friends and dump the older ones". Honestly, if you know me long enough, you will know how dearly I hold on to each and every friendship I have, I do whatever I could to salvage it, until I am finally tired and I will never try again.

There is a confusion about friendship ties nowadays. People whom we consider friends, people whom we place our trust into, or maybe people who we share secrets with.
There is just so much confusion about what is true friendship. Let me solve your mystery.
Is the people around you, whom you consider friends, consider you as one and treat you like one.

Firstly, the little reactions.

A friend will always be opened to hear opinions about you. Because, they will never want to stop knowing more about you. The way you act when you are upset, the way you smile, they way you look when you are about to cry. Are the little reactions a true friend must equip. As humans, we like to hide our emotions, but our reflexes moves faster than our brain would reaslise. Hence the way to find out someone's true feelings is through their actions, to be able to observe the little changes.

Secondly, to feel the gush of relief.

When you see that person's face, you immediately become more calm and relaxed. In a sense, they give you the feeling of protection. Because, you know no matter what happens, they will just be there for you, no matter over a phone call, or over a caring text message, or being physically there. The feeling of being relax around the person is one of the most important key point into known and knowing.

Third, and last, the ability to be yourself.

When you know you totally let your guard and heart walls is when, you be yourself. oh yes, I mean the horny talks, the explosive laughs, the craziness and the unglamness of  just wearing home clothes together. Talk about things like there is nothing else in the world that matters more. It could just be both sitting down, using the phone, not talking at all. But first, you will not feel awkward, nor you will even feel uncomfortable.


And now you know, how you would react to a true friendship. Now, I am going to tell you the password to maintaining a friendship.

Show appreciation

Every once in a while, for no reason, just buy him or her a gift or have an outing if it is a clique. Since you both have been together actively, I think there should be no problem having a treat from one another. Because it is really the little actions in life that brings people's souls linked.

Spend quality time together

Do stupid things, well I do not mean the bad way but I mean, fun and exciting things. Going out together and spending some time together will just create more memories between two people. Who knows what interesting things will happen when you both are out, when there is no parents no rules? AND NO MOM, if you are reading this, I behave myself when I am out.

Trust & care

In a rarity, share secrets, if you both promise there will be no lies in between, I believe the bond will be even stronger. Honestly, I have almost no secrets left, since most of them were leaked by someone, whom I thought I could place my trust. I had a hard time trying to fix myself up and bring up another courage to trust someone else again. So beware, with trust, comes with consequences, if you end up being hurt, it is alright, there will be someone else definitely willing to be your friend.

Like today, I spent amazing moments with my girls, they just came over to my place, we swam, we had real heart to heart talks. Well, girls talk. Memories are just created together just like this, we share opinions, ideas and circulate love.

Well, so are you a good friend? I bet you are.

Thanks for reading x

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