Saturday, 20 September 2014

lately I've been losing sleep

Now, 3am, I am still wide awake. Not thinking about how to fall asleep but thinking about the things in life that could be changed if I didn't do certain things, but if you wonder if I do regret doing the things that brought me sadness.

The answer is NO. Since, right now I am happy and that is all that matters. Because people are too worried about what the future might be so we are not happy. People think way too much to be happy nowadays, no matter grades or friends or emotions or maybe even for the slightest mistake you might make.

You know, we are not bad people when we make wrong mistakes. People always misunderstand that, if that person makes a wrong decision in life they are bad. That is just a wrong conception we all heed. I don't deny that I do feel some people are bad, but maybe they are not as bad as I thought but well I should just hate on them since I don't care.

No, that is not the way. By hating on somebody, it angers you no matter what they do, honestly you are just wasting precious time being angry at someone who might have clearly been hurt.
In life, you are going to face backstabbers, bitches, cheaters, fall in and out of love. But baby, trust me, everyone in your life now is going through the exact same things as you. And NONONO, doesn't mean you don't see it, their life is perfect.

I get people telling me how my life is perfect, I get the cool parents I have alright grades AND as an Asian my parents are cool with it. I would say, I am really pretty lucky to have a blessed family who help each other. I do get things I want, almost everything. But people always want things they do not have, right? So try to appreciate the little things beside you.

Love your life and it will love you back. Just like, how you plant a seed and nuture it, it will eventually grow to become a strong tree. You are just like that seed, we all need that some person to prepare you to become the strong individuals that will stand for yourself. I can, so of course you can too.

If one day you put away those thoughts about limitations, you will realise how you already cross the border you have always set there. Remember, hopes and dreams have NO LIMITS.

so, dream big and do big. ;)

Good luck.

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