Sunday, 14 September 2014

update wonders

Hello wonder wallies. So yeah, I realise I haven't really update you guys about what is going on with my life, what are the interesting things that happened, and just yeah, more pictures of food.

First of all, all of the late posts are all very sad and depressing. That's because I have been feeling that, that past maybe two to three weeks. I was on the verge of breaking down, so many things happen. I may or may not share what happened, but probably in the future it will become a "Story-Telling Time with Celine" or something! First, it was cyberbullying. Second, broken friendships. Thirdly, I was lost in a maze I set up myself.

It will be a very good learning lesson for me, and for you too. If you encounter those type of things in life too, please DO NOT give up on yourself because the better will come soon. You will be able to do well in life, excel and beat.. not that beat, but win, win that bitch who tried to bring you down. Always stay true to yourself, open you heart to opinions and learn to adapt changes.

OOTD: Velvet Blue

Top: forever 21
Bottom: bangkok
shoes: bangkok
necklace: a gift from my mom

The necklace isn't a necklace, it is something suppose to be placed like a headband, but I thought it will look cute and girly to just wear it on the neck anyways. This is my extreme comfort, but at the same time, very girly that sometimes I feel that I need to posture myself to be a little more feminine than I usually am. Ultra casual but extremely presentable and put together. And the skirt, is blue not black, it is shiny and soft.. gosh.

Secondly, I think most of you already know. I took a visit to Wild Honey. It is some sort of a breakfast place, they have this quote which I really liked "Our grandmothers were right when they told us breakfast is the most important meal..." It is indeed the most important meal out of the whole day. It provides energy to the brain and allow it to work more efficently.

Well, I called to make a reservation, since the place is usually very crowded, no matter what day. Thank god I reserve a place, if not, I might have to wait more than 30mins. It was only the second time I have been there, there was excellent service and of course, handsome waiters. Thinking back, WHY DIDN'T I TAKE A PICTURE WIT HIM. I would say the price is alright for the amount of food they give, for people like me, it is still a little expensive but it is really worth it.

Third, I really need to learn self-control when I walk into Sephora. I walked in, with only 1 intention of buying a eyebrow pencil, since the brown one I am using is almost done. I walked out with 1 eyebrow pencil, 3 lipsticks, 1 stila palette, and a cute cupcake lip moisturiser. Yeah... that is practically why I do not go into Sephora when I can. Because, I am absolute no control over the shop.

first world problems

I am going to do a beginner guide makeup though, for those who want to try out makeup, but have no idea where to start. Please look forward to the coming post, so I will be your "beauty guide". But all of those are just based on my own opinion, since everyone start with different things. Don't judge me!!!!!

My examinations are coming, I feel a little stress, but not enough to drive me crazy and make me study. Praying it will come soon, although I am currently forcing myself to study already, I probably need more time and concentration.

Last day of holiday, feels so fast. It is already evening time, and I am just chilling on my bed. Using my phone, listening to songs. And, since I did not get to do the last month's favourites, I will just put down some of the songs I have been listening to a lot recently!

That about it.... okay bye.

ig: @nsnceline

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