Wednesday, 22 October 2014

blogger was being a bitch

So hey guys, blogger was being a bad ass and making a fuss and I could not log in to the main page at all that explain why I didn't blog for this god damn long. I apologise but still, FUU YOU BLOGGER. It messed up my blogging schedule and I missed out many things that I could blog about in time.

Still I hope you guys will understand about all the late post but I will be blogging actively for the next few days just to catch up and I hope you guys will be patient with me.

Let's start with the day I went out with my girl friends.



Dress: Factorie

Shoes: Wholesale7

Lipstick: Revlon, Mauvy Night


It is a thing for me now to just wear a dress and just go wherever since it is so easy to just put on and make me feel like I placed alot of effort into the outfit, but secretly it only took 3 seconds for me to decide. I wore heels, because A GIRLRFIEND OUTING WILL  NOT BE COMPLETE WITHOUT THOSE BABY.

Although my feet hurt like asdfghjkl but hell it was worth it.




The whole day we were just walking around, laughing and eating. I guess I haven't had those type of fun in awhile ever since I lost a friend that used to shop and play around like this. Well, I do miss those moments but I am not going to stay in the past so I am moving on.

This girls make me feel like I am actually worth of something because of them I felt like I existed again. It has been long since I found another comfort zone where I could just really be myself and have a little more space in bound of the others.

I know everything has an end, no matter whether if its friendship or relationship or any connection between people. Honestly, I do not know if these girls will be there for me till the end of the world but I am sure I felt infinite when I spend my time with them.

I hold each and every friendship I have very very very close to my heart. I would never wish disaster upon anybody because I do not wish any sort of relation to go bazaar because of me. That is just disgusting and evil.

I believe everyone deserves a true friend, no matter how evil you are. In the end, we are still humans and we have feelings. Who knows what you are going through in a point in life? No one will understand except for yourself.

I am learning to be thankful in every way, learning to see things in a more lively manner. I am quite sick of seeing people being upset all the time, so well I am going to try my best to make you all readers into happy little positive souls.

I love you guys!


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