Friday, 24 October 2014


As much as I stress how important family time is important, you guys probably are like, "are you kidding me". I will be the best example of spending quality time with the family.

As most of you guys already know, I am the youngest in the family and that is the often spoilt brat. Okay, I just kinda admit myself. I honestly do not think that I am spoilt but rather I get almost anything I want.


This particular day I went to IKEA with my entire family, well, I re-shifted my room positions and I need new cupboards. JUST there are things that we want to get so we went.

Did I even mention how much I miss IKEA food. It is god damn nice, but the queue is nice too, all the way out to the stairs not to mention how big the eating place is. Sense my sarcasm guys.

THE QUEUE is not going to stop me from getting good food. Yes, pictures, yes, scroll and get hungry now.

Guys, just take a moment and think how important your family is. No matter what happen next, you know there will be somebody there for you no matter what. You will realise that there is so much more than those little tough things you are currently facing.

Because my family, everyone is sort of "grown up" already. We all each have our own life, sometimes we don't even see everyone in the family every single day although we live in the same roof. Time tries to fade everything, so we need that something to allow us to have the bonds to stay and not go any further than what it should be.

I cannot stress how much I love my family. I am proud to say to any of my friends that this is my mom and dad.

No I do not live in a perfect family, but I learn to see the perfect between the imperfections.


How long have you not tell your parents that you loved them? go, tell now. I am very sure, it is going to put a smile on their faces.



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