Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Tell me, have you ever lost self-respect?

Honestly, no matter what your skin colour is, what job you have, what type of house you live in. We are all the same, we are all humans I mean. We are the mixture of feelings and bazaar thoughts and love.

I came across this situation where I talked to this civil cleaners, a "bangala" you might say or maybe just a normal street cleaners. Those people are the ones that clears up your shit after you left your rubbish there. Their job is certainly very great and noble from the base, but no one wants to do it anyways.

Back to the story, I was walking to the mall that fine day where there were extra many cleaners that were picking up leftover rubbish from the basketball court. It was a good 8am when I was there, it is a new sight since I always walk on that particular street at least pass 9am. ( not much of a fancy morning person ).

There were this bunch of cleaners who are just picking rubbish and some were trimming the grass.

Both encounter was on the same street.

First encounter:
I saw this lady who is just picking rubbish and stuff, she saw me needing to walk over her direction, she moved aside real quick as if I was going to eat her up. It was a kind move, so of course I said "Thank you" and she just smiled and continue doing her work.

Second encounter:
This worker he was just trimming the grass and sweeping away the cut off parts as I was walking by. He did the same, he shift aside. But he said something which kind of strike me, he said " I'm sorry". I do not know why, for me it is just not natural for someone to be saying sorry for what he is supposed to do. I mean, it is certainly his job and there is nothing to be sorry about. So I just said, "Thank you, and please don't say sorry for things that you didn't do wrongly."

I didn't think much about it until I reached home again that night. I realised, he was putting his own status down just compared to a even a normal teenager like me. Where is the self-respect.. He is not old at all let me tell you, he was just probably in his early 20s, out in a foreign country earning money for the family.

The reason why I took my time to type this out, is just basically just tell you guys to have self-respect and of course respect others as well. What comes around goes around.

Good luck.


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