Thursday, 9 October 2014


"Souls is like a hole in a wall.
 They are constantly remind of the bad things we have, and never really look into the things we already have.

Souls is like a bubble.
They  all have different characters, grew up in different environment and situation, they can have different beliefs. They could get along, but it is just a matter of time when will the bubble pop.

Soul is like a piece of glass.
It is can be so firm and beautiful, but it shatters once you force too much on to it.

Soul is like a flower.
 It is nothing until it is pulled out to its full potential, blossoming and fertilizing the baby buds. But their beauty doesn't last long, they die and wither.

Soul is like a amulet.
 It protects your hopes, dreams, expectations, and self-love.

Soul is just part of us. -nsnceline "

I just want to bring up, that everyday there is something or someone trying to bring you down. You may breakdown, you may cry and be angered. It all ends up healing, and better things come after.
Even the darkest night, will have a bright morning sun.

Stay strong and goodluck.


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