Tuesday, 11 November 2014

HAUL (Sephora, Daiso & more) ♥

I know I have not done a haul type of blog in a FREAKING LONGEST TIME. So here it is, if you are curious about what I've gotten this few weeks.

First, I would start with all the beauty products that I got!


Facial Wipes

I got this at Daiso, and yes it is only 2 dollars. But you have to know that, I do not know about the quality of this at all. I haven't tried it or anything like that, I only bought it because I thought it was cute. The packaging is what tricked me into buying, that's basically it.


Clear lip gloss


I got this at Sephora for about $12 or $20 I am not sure. But because that day I was really needing some clear gloss and I didn't bring out a lip balm or any shit like that so I went to buy one. I guess a clear gloss is an essential especially if you're like me, having way too many colours of lipstick and not being able to buy matched coloured lip gloss.


NYX Medusa Medusa


I don't know, NYX is currently my favourite lipstick brand. For its price it is freaking worth every penny. I got those each at $9, and I had a 10% discount. Thinking back, I should have gotten more. I am really into the darker lips nowadays, go hard girl, thats just me now.


NYX Hestia Hestia


It is this deep wine red colour. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPRESS, THIS IS A SUPER BEST BUY IN A WHILE NOW. I really love this, planning to wear this. Not going to care about what others say anymore. SUPER NICE.


saw this bear lying on my bed....  this is the natural reaction when I see cute things.



Daiso's Instant Japanese curry


I think I have mentioned this way back in the June holidays. I literally survived on this, by cooking rice and just putting this over. Have I not mentioned how good does this taste. I mean, this is perfect for students who have long holidays like me and decides that I want to be a couch potato for the next 2 months.


Powder shake

This shit, is really good surprisingly. At first when my mother brought this back I was like, seriously mom so gross. You just need to mix the powder with water and you get this smoothie like beverage, super good and filling.



I wished I had all the time and someone to help me film all this so I could show you everything. But seems like I couldn't. You know I really tried my best.


Thanks for reading guys. <3


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