Sunday, 2 November 2014

October Favourites 2014

HEY GUYS. I know I have left this segment hanging since I DONT REMEMEBER when.

I am just sorry and I know I could have done better to cope with both sides but I figured that you guys will understand what I am going through.


Endless Weekends Lotion and body mist.


Honestly, this has been my to-go scent not because I am particularly fond of it but it is handy and light. The Body Mist has this sparkling thing that comes out when you spray with it. This is why if you look closely, my body is always covered in glitter. It doesn't smell bad at all, like the name it smells like freedom and happiness. I got this from Bath and Body works as a set with the body wash, which I already used up.


DAISO- container?


THIS THING, is a life saviour. I recently got a bunch of new drawers and needed something to arrange and store my makeup, accessories and those bunch of crap. So I got this, it made my drawers look extremely neat now, and honestly, I am just thankful for this thing. DO TELL ME IF YOU WANT A ROOM TOUR via askfm.


I am not much of a digital person when it comes to photographs. I do enjoy viewing pictures that were taken since the past and just look back into the path of memories. So I printed out a bunch of photos, not only with my friends but my family as well to fill up the spaces on my bedroom wall. I think, the best way to see pictures is still physically holding it and looking at the real deal. Printing photos can be expensive but I think it is worth it.


Favourite Lipstick of the month


It is this beautiful blend of orange and red. It is very bright, and I have just been wearing the living crap out of it.


Book recommendation

It is just basically corrupted government and runaways, bonding in family blood.


Song recommendation

My dearest by Supercell, it is the theme song for guilty crown.

Becky G shower!


Thanks for reading, I honestly have gone rusting in writing blogs. But I will soon pick it up again.


Love y'all


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