Thursday, 6 November 2014

Relationship Advices ♥

When you're in a relationship with another person other than yourself, there are bound to be disagreements. In fact, it is during those heated moments when we truly get to learn who the other person is, which ultimately makes you stronger as a couple. Sometimes, arguing with your partner can be fun and playful, it is not about winning: it is just about pushing the other person's button for a little spark.

Sometimes we can make the most ridiculous assumptions and intentionally make your other half feel inferior and insecure. It is important to have ample trust and space in between especially at our teenage years.

We are all in the same process of growing up, adapting, learning new things together. There is only two way out. One being, you both learn and grow up together. Two being, as someone start to mature, their thought and expectation changes this will eventually lead too much disagreements and you both will eventually break apart.

Relationship can be very exciting and fresh for us. But we must always still keep a caution and be wise.  There is many different important expects in just one single relationship, qualities that shows how strong the relationship between you both.

Naturally, we are all attracted to good looking people. There is nothing wrong with that, although everyone find different aspects cute. Beyond just the face, humour and honesty are the most popular next.

Nowadays, or even my own experience, we rush into things too quick and things end quickly too. Going out with a group of friends is a good choice to know someone better without feeling pressurised. Focus about doing the fun things rather than romance. This way both parties will know each other better in a " 2 way thing".

Girls, you are going to hate this but let's stay realistic. His schedule cannot always fit in yours like a puzzle, things are not always going to be smooth and he is not going to surprise you with flowers and chocolates every single day of your life. He/she replies a few hours late? They must be busy, if he really cares he would have told you before hand or explain after so there is no point of you being all fussed up and angry about that. We all need space.

Sometimes it is just the little things in life that eventually pieces up and become one big thing. Appreciate the little things that happens. For example, I really appreciate when he hugs my waist when we are on the escalator, it makes me feel like I am always to be safe. Sending cute little text along the days like " hey, I am thinking of you. " makes one feel very loved and secure and sure to put that little smile on their faces.

Making time for one another. Some couples will have weekly based late night video chats, just talking and chilling together while being able to see each other's face. Some people are generally more comfortable in expressing their feelings through skype or facetime. This special time together is what makes that little extra something for the relationship.


Respecting each other is an important point. There has been times where I felt disrespected by words others use, it hurts. So remember, always just give ample space so that the other part will not feel so choked up. There are boundaries to everything, as well as personal space. It is very important, I cannot stress more on this.

Stay honest. Something happened recently got me on this. If you have already decided to devote yourself to this certain someone, there shouldn't be anything to lie about. There should be open minded aspects, accept their past and embrace the present.

And lastly, do not be afraid to breakup with a person that you no longer love. It is very selfish if you just keep wasting the other party's time when they could take the time to recover and move on to the next phase in life? Don't be a brat.


I hope you guys find this helpful, all opinions are mine and there shouldn't be any hard feelings if you disagree to my statement.


Love y'all.
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