Monday, 24 November 2014

The recent happenings

Life is so fragile hold it a little too tightly, it breaks. Holding it too loose will also cause it to slip and fall. Well, we all would have that one day where we just couldn't hold that pot of life anymore, and eventually go. There has been times where we just felt like giving up, but honestly that is not a choice of our own. We live by the fate, although I do not believe in fate and all those. But if you really sit down and think, what if there is really someone on top controlling what we are doing.

Have you ever been so fascinated by the fact that, we might be a game like SIMs for the alien world or something. Sorry but I think, I just made you guys thought of it for awhile.

Those are just some random thoughts that I have in mind recently and no one could give me a direct answer anyways, so I shall just continue to have these crazy thoughts.

So, a few days back I went to watch my school's band concert with my close friends, honestly it wasn't up to what I've expected. I still kind of enjoyed myself in a sense that I have more memories with the bunch of people I enjoy to be with. There is just so much more in life, so I have learnt to just be more open to all sorts of places to explore and to hopefully have a fruitful year end.

Steamboat is like the best thing on earth when it comes to many people to feed and the large amount of food needed. It makes me feel loved to be able to share and just dip the chopsticks into the large pot of soup. To be able to share, the level of happiness will be there. I have no pictures sadly, I am a really bad blogger indeed.

AND FRET NOT . all this posts will be enhanced from the next onwards. I will probably be uploading another blog post and there will be a week break for me. I AM FLYING TO BANGKOK AGAIN INDEED. Its like my second home, this time I promise there will be a full blown vlogging, probably upload 1 complete long ass vlog for my 5 days over, there will be interesting places I will be going, taping them down is probably the easiest and fastest way.

Until then!

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