Sunday, 21 December 2014

10 things I want to do in 2015

Here is a 10 of things I want to do in 2015!

I think making a list this way will let yourself have a goal throughout the year and keep yourself going. You can make a list with your best friend, boyfriend or even as a family thing. But this post will just be what I want to do throughout the year and me and myself. Hope you guys like this~


1. Sentosa Staycation

I have never had a staycation before, well I am that super out person. I want to have a very short staycation at sentosa, probably with my friends. Just relax and it is something I wanted to do since quite some time.


2. High Tea w/ girlfriends

I mean, what is least good as a good old high tea at a hotel. Eating and just more eating, and hopefully a good view for a eyegasm too.



Pray and hope that lan has freaking sick internet connection and amazing car to sit. I have always been a gamer, not that hardcore anymore but I still enjoy the feeling of winning, and yeap, only winning. Probably the fun that you get with a crazy bunch of people.


4. Go to the library

Because I am quite a reader since holiday starts, I keep buying book and eventually leave them on the shelf. I mean, those that I got are really good books but if I happen to ever find it in the library I will do so.


5. Dye my hair

I want a slivery grey colour all over my head. Say I am crazy but I have been thinking of this colour for a pretty long time


6. Get a new camera

I do know I just got my Samsung NX mini, I think I need something that can shoot even better pictures.


7. Officially quit dota

It is pretty hard but I will try, I mean I failed a few times but yeap. It's getting addictive.


8. Get myself new phone

I am using a spare phone if any of you guys think I changed to Iphone5 suddenly. Because I literally broke my S4 and now I am stuck with this phone. But it is pretty good and easy to handle, and planning to get an Iphone 6!


9. Go back to dancing

I used to dance a lot when I was in year 1 and 2 but ever since I got up to the senior years I never really danced. Probably because of my health but that was never a problem. Dancing releases so much stress, I highly recommend people who wants to lose weight in a fun way or just a way to get things off your mind to start dancing!


10. Drawing/Paint

It may come out as an surprise to you all but I want to start a series of blogpost about drawings I have done along the holidays. There will be one every month, please leave nice comments, I am just doing it for the sake of fun I am not professional or anything like that. I just find it extremely therapeutic to just draw.


Hope you guys like this post, I will make a video about things I want to do in 2015 too. Please anticipate and I shall write soon.

Sorry for the long break I has from this blog. I am sorry and I promise, I will be back soon. I have just been tired and stuff but I am alright now. Up and ready to have a good 2015.

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