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10 things in my school bag (2015)

So this are the things I will be putting into my school bag, OTHER THAN BOOKS. >>

1. A good read

I mean there is always free time and a good book will keep you occupied in a good way. The fact that my school has a "morning silent reading period", a book is almost a must. So woodgrovers remember to bring your morning books.

2. Pencil box

I mean, this is brainless. But just anything that can fit your pencils and pens and all the things you need to write and erase. I have been using this for like about 2 years already and it is still alive, not gonna find an excuse to get a new one because, this simple design still catch my eyes.

3. Earpiece

If you are not much of a reading person, a good earpiece will do you much more help. Listening to your favourite music on the way and back from school is a very common thing. Just a reminder, do take them off when you are crossing the road. The thing I like to do is, just off my music until I walk to the other side, so it kind of saves time and effort needing to put them back again. LAZY TRICK.

4. Self designed note books

Well, this notebook is just practically the normal A5 books you buy in school. I just wrapped it with some fancy papers and drew some shit on it and it turns out to look pretty amazing. It is a quick and simple way to customize your own school notebook. This notebook is from this year, so there will be new ones I'll be making along the year pass.

5. Foolscap paper

I mean, this thing saves your ass. When there is a boring class, I would doodle...... Please do not learn from me. It is a very bad habit that I still haven't kick. But it will be great if you were to take down some quick notes and English lessons, gotta need it.

6. Files

I have this zipped floral file I got from disco, it is pretty functional as I would just squeeze all my needed worksheets into this. Reminders, timetable and stuff. I like to put some coloured paper inside too, no idea why.

7. Hair clips, bobby pinks, hair ties

If you are a girl, you will know why. You just lose them constantly, and yeah, extras must always be on hand.

8.Portable charger

After I switch from Samsung to Apple, the battery dies way too fast. Well, this comes in pretty handy for myself, and I highly recommend getting one because this thing will save your ass someday.

9. Body Mist

After PE lessons, or just after recess, it is a good way to freshen yourself up. I got this both at Bath&bodyworks it smells.. amazing. Just something I like to keep inside my bag, some people think that it's and that its heavy, well I actually think that it is not something that really contributes to the weight.

10. Water bottle

I do not have one, but it is good to always keep yourself hydrated. Usually I like to just go down and buy a new bottle or two every day. Since, that way it is much simpler for me.

Hope this helped a little in your "bag packing", I have no specific way of packing my bag. I am the type of girl who just throw everything into the bag, and find the things I need later.

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