Monday, 22 December 2014

4 reasons why you might be single

DISCLAMER: This is not a post to discourage you or damage your self esteem. Just generally what I realise.

Here are 4 reasons why you might be single (there is way too many reasons, I am just generalizing) :

1. You let your past relationships drown you.

We all have that one relationship that blasted through our hearts, sometimes it still hurts even now. But you shouldn't let those guys/girls who cheated, hurt, or even abuse you scare to till this extend. Pain will be gone as time passes, no point holding on to the past. Since it already happened, might as well take it as a harsh lesson learnt. Slowly find someone whom you can have a healthy relationship with.

2. Lack of confidence

YOU YOU YOU YOU. "There is no ugly woman, only lazy ones." It applies to boys too actually. If you actually take your time to take a shower, go to the gym, gel up your hair. For girls wearing a decent clothing, light makeup, smile. I have seen my really pretty girlfriends going for average or even below average looking guys, and also seen my handsome guy friends getting average looking girls. I mean, the posture, the confidence, the comfort level. There is so many things related to confidence I have no idea how to explain through words. Embrace your flaws and someone else will too.

3. Arrogance

It is absolutely okay to love yourself, but for people who goes to the extreme it starts to become a turn off. Just like, there is a difference between confidence and arrogant. People might distance themselves from you just because they feel that you are "hard to approach". I have been in that situation, I mean, even now, some people thinks I am arrogant. Oh well, have to accept the fact that not everyone likes you.

4. Expectations

People make unrealistic expectations. Guys want their girls to be petite, slim, big eyes, cute, sexy, understand them da di da da, girls want to have their guys to have abs, spoil them, presents da di da. I mean, once in a while is fine but all the time? I see guys ranting on facebook how they do not want to have a girlfriend that club and smoke. I mean, if you want it then you should be a role model and not do it yourself.

For those people that always go #foreveralone #alone #goingto2015single, THIS IS FOR YOU MY FRIEND.

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