Monday, 8 December 2014

Bangkok Life 2014

So this post will be dedicated to all the pictures I have taken with my camera during my 4 Day Bangkok trip. As most of you guys know, I really had a very good time and I cannot wait for the school semester to start (which may came out as an surprise to many), I am not too sure why maybe I am just glad my Secondary school years are finally coming to an end and I could have a brand new start in life.

I may have my family members inside the pictures, so please be nice and do not say nasty things.

This trip really gave me a lot of inspiration in life. I am really into fashion, but in a weird way as many of you guys know of me. This trip just gave me an extra bomb of being able to be myself. You may see that my outfits are slightly toned down this trip and I do not wear that crazy red lipstick much. That is because I really want to let myself be more comfortable even without that speck of confident boost. Moreover, I am with my family so what have they not seen.

It has been close to a year since I got to go to a trip with my whole family, family of 5. Because we all have busy schedules and our timings never really matched. The fact that I am able to go overseas with my fam just makes me feel warm and really blessed. Not everyone gets to experience a good old family trip.

I went, I relaxed myself, I had a major stress relieve by shopping. Honestly, I think that shopping therapy works hell good on me. I came back happy, I am happy and I sincerely hope everyone is.

Family has always been a big part of my life. Well, I am still young, but I get that the fact no one actually last forever except for family. Blood ties can never be changed after all, it is an undeniable fact. I am truly blessed to have a pair of parents who would just be kind to me. (Although I was an accident.....)

Thailand, Bangkok had been good to me.

PS, I think I bought too much clothes and now I am so wrecked, because I have so many clothes on hand. I might just need to sell some of them away, will anyone be interested? Most of them are brand new!


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