Saturday, 6 December 2014

Thoughts in the Airplane

I could see the freckles of the ocean.

It made me think about how vast the ocean is spreading across the entire world and there are people living in places where we might not even knew existed. Sitting on the window seat got me thinking about how wondering travelling would be if I get to gain knowledge, the interesting things in life. I may not be able to find out all but I really want to experience all of the little things other people do.

Suddenly imagine myself being dropped in the middle of the sea. How lost and lonely can that be, but however that will be the most priceless memory ( if I never die ). I would learn how the world is bigger than we thought. The sky seems really endless.

Sitting on the plane, looking out of the window. What if suddenly the turbulence went really bad and it crash into the sea. Death is everywhere so I learnt to be thankful that I am safe and sound after so many flights.

Forest, mountains, seas. Places that we all known and heard, but never really seen and felt. Well, I can't blame it, I was born in a city and sometimes I imagine myself as a girl who could casually ride a horse everywhere I go. Thats really cool.

I really detest the feeling of being trapped in a small space, unable to squeeze out.

It makes me feel very breathless.

After this trip, on the plane, I kinda did a little swear that I would visit more countries and ride the plane more than I thought I would. Actually I always felt that I would get a job that will fly me around or be able to always show me new things because I am a curious kitty and I want to know more.


Thats about it for my thoughts on my way back to Singapore. The vlog is up on my youtube channel, please take your time and like!


( more post about BANGKOK SOON)


and btw guys, I bought too much clothes.


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