Thursday, 8 January 2015

#12 Boyfriend Rules

DISCLAIMER: I have to put this up front, all this opinions are mine, you do not have to heed my advices or anything but if you want to, good. I am not bragging about what I have and shit and da di dada. ok bye.
So 2015, it may be the year where you get your girl my friend. But this are some housekeeping rules before you can get one.
#1 Be the prince charming
Be the prince in Cinderella, who never despise her even with her non-royal family. Be the Prince in Rapanzel, who gave up his life for her. Be the Prince in Snow White, who is determined to search for his princess.
#2 Do random sweet things
Back hugging her when you see her, whisper sweet nothings, say I love you everyday.
#3 Never let your girl get used to being lonely, because once it is an habit, she doesn't need you anymore.
They say an independent woman is bad, but if she isn't independent, can you even promise your whole life with her? no.
#4 How much time you are willing to give, shows how much you love her.
No matter how successful you are, if you do not make the effort to meet her, pamper her, you're a gone case. You cannot blame her, if you didn't give her enough attention.
#5 Never give other guys a chance to make her happy.
You probably failed as a boyfriend if you let this happen. Nothing is more priceless than you making us happy.
#6 Give her your hoodie
Obviously we want to snuggle with your scent all over before we sleep. Comon.
#7 Pay the bills
You might be like : " wow Celine, you are such a materialistic girl" but no, I learnt this from my current boyfriend. If you do not even have money to support yourself, why even have someone you need to take care? I mean, not every single thing he has to pay for you. The basics, meals or movies.  EVEN IF SHE INISIST, you have to do it. You're the man, you gotta remember.
#8 Goodnight/morning texts
I do not have to hide. I have long messages before I sleep every night and morning. Show how you appreciate her every single night, even if you both are fighting, or cold war or whatever excuses you can think of.
#9 Talk to girls openly
I mean, boys you can obviously talk to girls but if you are hiding something, ITS WRONG. Do not hide anything especially texting girls, it can be solved by a simple " baby, can I text xx about xxxx?" even if this is not necessary, she will feel more reassured.
#10 Always send her home
Even if there is a tsunami coming, you are obligated to send her home first. Makes girls feel safe and secured. It shows that you want to spend every available time she has with her.
#11 Do not cheat
This is pretty self-explanatory. The worst thing that can happen. :)
#12 Realise all of this before it is too late
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