Friday, 2 January 2015

first day of school 2015

First day of school.. hmmmm it wasn't as bad as I thought.

I mean like, I have been in the school for the fourth year. No surprises.

My teachers like the normal ones, the ones that spend the whole of their periods scolding us because we have not done our holiday homeworks. I wonder how much I will miss those if I get off secondary school. Maybe maybe not.

The night before school reopen was the worst, my body clock was so screwed and I slept literally at 2AM when I need to wake at 6AM. The effect of 4 hours of sleep is being a zombie the next afternoon, perks of not sleeping.

The moment the class stepped into the class, lectures and lectures about how we should study and plan our time wisely and creating a schedule and blah and blah. I mean, it's the final year, I guess it is okay to put in more effort into whatever I do.

Oh and this year I realise that if I decorate my own notebook or personalize it, I kind of want to study more in a sense. Honestly guys, 4 hours of maths non-stop, although half on half off, but I still did something.

The only way to push yourself is self motivation.

Always remember that, studying is not for anyone else except for your own sake. Well, back to the first day of school thing. My bag, you could have guessed, I had practically nothing in there. Let's hope as time passes my bag would have some weight. Seeing people already started revision is intimidating. C'mon, no one wants to lose in any way right, especially in academics area.

This particular teacher told the class that studying for O-levels is not hard. It only takes 2-3 months of studying and we should be able to score very well. But the only problem we all have is, we do not have that much of an attention span. I cannot focus for that long, well you may say 4 hours is alot. It just happened naturally without any force. I had the TV on-ed, music played. It is not a full concentration but it is pretty good for a start.

First day of school.. really wasn't that bad. The fact I could still remember how nerve-wrecking Sec 1 is, how lil stress it was in Sec2, how unfamiliar it was in Sec3, and finally the final year (hopefully).

I have set a bridge target for myself, I do not expect over the limits anymore. I mean the main thing is still the amount of hard work you put in. O-levels is about the test on the go, it is a submission assessment where they only test your performance that day, so why not put all those practice into that one day. That one day is enough to probably determine the second half of your life.

All can say to my fellow friends and juniors is that, nothing comes without a price. I will work hard and you should too. There is no excuses about failing an exam, but if you aim to fail, I have no side words for you. Just try your best, believe in yourself.


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