Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Sitting in class and all I could think of is icecream :( 

I have this really bad itch on the back of my neck, it kinda hurts to even touch it. It made me really grouchy in school.

This week is full of class test and stuff. Time check: I am still not motivated enough. My geography book is opened but I haven't even read a single line. Geez #studentproblems 

I wonder who is with me in this boat already sailing off but I am still typing on my phone almost every single second. I couldnt sleep well, I feel tired every single day. BUT I FOUND A SOLUTION!!! 

Eating candies in boring lessons keep me awake. I think its because of the sprinted sugar level so I feel generally more awake. Other than this, sitting right infront of the class has helped me to focus a lot more than I thought it would. So... Everyone is working hard in school. I am still a potato. Doing nothing productive and no accomplishment.

I guess, there will be more uploads like this updating about studying and my stupid lifeless life. 

Thanks for reading. -hearts-

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