Saturday, 3 January 2015

Paint Gallery : SORA

This is the first painting of the year, I will try to do as much as a can. I mean, it really helps expressing of emotions and stuffs like this. I love to express through colours and patterns I think it is very therapeutic to be able to paint and draw as and when I like.

This drawing is dedicated to a very special duo along with myself, sora.

Each side of the drawing represents each of our difference in personality. Hong Yi is a very optimistic girl, she always look on the bright side of life, encouraging me in many different way. 

Spreading good influence and positive vibes. So I drew her some roses, her favourite colour pink and lilac. Roses are symbolic, they represent love. Lilac has a very nice history behind, it represents enchantment and royalty. Each and every piece of the roses are different from each other, whether the shape or the size or even the colours. Because I want to bring out a message that everyone is different and everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

The tree represents Calista, why a tree you might ask. She can be a little rebellious at times but to me, she is a peace maker of the group, she analyzes and think before she talks. She remains calm as much as possible when offended, and trees are strong and big and offers others shade. She has no take backs if her friends needed help. Stable, steady, firm, thats her
Lastly, the blue butterflies represents me. Blue butterflies are considered as something that brings you luck and happiness. Blue butterflies are like a symbol of freedom and uncertainty, I think that is definitely something I am going through and I thought I would use a bunch to express that thought.

We have very different personality and character but we come together and fit each other's flaws which became a pretty cute painting.

Everyone has a unique character.

Good Luck

PS: I am not a professional or anything, this is just for fun. 

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