Wednesday, 13 May 2015

50 shades of Exam

Exams are over and currently on the midst of getting them back (which may be hell or heaven to you, depending on what type of parents you have). While mine just couldn’t care much about my Mid-Year Examinations, probably have the faith in me rather than trying to push me. I am the type of person that gets motivated when I have absolutely nothing to do.

I guess, exams isn’t the big thing for me since the beginning. I never once treated any examinations very seriously till the point where I would feel sad if I can’t study. My mother is the type that like to bring me out during my exams, I do not know why either actually. Probably my mom know even if I really did try and study, I would have failed it too so must well not and I could spend some family time with them.

Fun fact, I can never study with food. When I eat, I eat, when I study, I study. The TV can be ON-ed, there can be 100 other distraction but I won’t even flinch. BUT when it comes to food, I am very distracted, it may reach the point where I might just literally stop eating for a month just because a major exam is coming up.

Well actually, when do I even study? L


Enough of all these stupid examination rants. There has been a lot happening, happiness and sadness is just a line across nowadays. I could be having a mood of a sunshine for one second and I could change to a lightning storm. I have been pretty unpredictable, I guess? But I kind of like the fact that I am “unpredictable” in a sense where no one will understand me completely and that is my advantage because I’d probably scan you inside out already.


One question: How have I (You) been?

I am certainly blessed, and still feeling blessed. I will never let anyone change that fact, I live my own and why would someone even want to attempt to break that peace from someone’s life? I admit that I do have a weird habit of doing that, I would do that only if I think you are worth the plastic play. Too real? I’m sorry, not so sorry after all.
The fact that has been pulling me back to say everything I want to say, if that society and people around me reads this, I never want to hurt someone just like this without even valid finger pointing. I can promise I almost never talk unless I am in front of you and it is indeed true I reach my limit. What happens when I reach my limit? That’s for those people who ask for it to find out.

Here are some pictures taken when I went out with my family >>

Thanks for reading this short post, see you around again!

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