Thursday, 25 June 2015

BKK healing trip

I know I am pretty late at this but here I am, better late than never, my Bangkok trip.

Before I went for the trip, I wasn’t excited at all, I wasn’t looking forward to it. I had 0 interest in going overseas because I was going through quite a great ordeal, not “a” but more of a few. Things has been hard, till the point where breaking down wasn’t a choice.

After that, I thought why not treat it as a getaway from all the problems I have here. It did happen, although the sleepless nights where haunting, I did have fun in the day when everyone else was awake. 30mins of sleep for 5 days was all I had. Insomnia hit me like a rock, but trust me, I didn’t feel tired at all. (Do not learn)

Bad things aside, I had a really great time over there. I ate a lot, 5 meals a day wasn’t a joke at all. If you have ever been to Thailand, you would probably realize that there is hardly even any fat woman, not sure if it is the food they consume or are their work just really labor intensive. But no guys, I gained like 3 kg when I came back.

[2 seconds before you see all the pictures of food, DO NOT LOOK IF YOU CAN BE POTENTIALLY HUNRGY]

I have a lot of memories in Bangkok with my cousins who isn’t in the city now, it was fun bringing back memories. Remembering the times where we played in the balcony and almost died.
I just remember very clearly that I really didn’t want to go back to where I was, where I came from, where I started off and where all the troubles are. It’s inevitable to have to get back anyways, I thought a lot in the plane, blasting sad songs, thinking about how suckish it would be to be back in reality. I never understood much emotions that I had, which made me have really weird reactions to certain things.

I tried my best in everything, maybe it wasn’t enough. I even thought of abandoning my blog, my social media and everything that I had, because it was so bad. Let’s leave all this negativity away until I am feeling better alrights?

Here is my vlog:

Hope you guys enjoyed this, thanks for the people who have been reading my blog since the very start, I am very very thankful and grateful that how supportive you guys are. Thanks for watching me grow together. Just thank you all.
Next time.

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