Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Education? or nah?

PS: this post is solely my opinion and you may have another well, we are chill here so. Hi.

Students our era practically place their lives on studies. Our lives is surrounded by grades and pressing factors that makes us partially lose normal senses of our minds. Why have we come to this situation where that “A” in our report cards determine most of our future?

In my opinion, it’s the truth that studies is important and it has the ability to change and open more paths in our lives but that isn’t how I want to live by. Sooner or later, you and I will reach a point of realization where you would know how important a degree certificate is, how important certain qualification you must have in order to reach a certain position. Argue about people who build their own business and name from the rock bottom and still eventually reach success? How are you going to guarantee you WILL be one of them? Being successful is one tough job to begin with, starting with nothing is hell. This is the dirty truth.


Lucky enough for my country Singapore to make a policy for every citizen to have at least 10 years of education or deemed. Others may not have the luxury to even get the education they deserve. In this fast pace city style country, without this piece of “gold key” you might never ever be able to advance in any department. There will be no place for you. I attended a kind of a “meet and greet” with our very own Minister of Social and Family development, Mr Tan in Library @Orchardcentral. It is basically a talk about young and aspiring entrepreneur, ideas and futuristic talks. So there is this portal where we can all log on and ask during the interactive session.

Someone asks “How does education deem as a factor for aspiring entrepreneurs? What is the minimum requirement? How is it important? ” He gave a really confusing answer being “Education is needed and not needed” Well, so do we need it or not? Honestly I think it is really just up to an individual.

We hold on to the keys in our lives, and we should be the one opening the doors to where we want to go to. Studying may just be part of it, well at least to me or for me, because I am brain washed by the culture but yea.


Okay, so grades doesn’t define you but it is, the sad thing, the key to open many things in life.

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