Sunday, 28 June 2015

Honest thoughts about school reopening

What is school? Can I eat that?

It has been a quick month, honestly time never passed this fast for me. Not sure if it is because I was occupied by too much emotions within this period of time. Time passes a lot faster when you have constant building of emotions and events.
What are my honest opinions about school reopens?



School sucks, and it is true although they have their fun times but mostly they just suck. I don’t want to kill the mood for school for all of you, like now. But get your ass up and do some homework or you will get whooped real hard for not doing them the next day.

I got the worst timetable in the world for semester 2. School ending at 4 everyday doesn’t sound too bad but they already sound tiring to me. Not even going to lie. I am not ready for school and I will never be, I don’t want to face it neither I want to start thinking about O levels.

I was hoping for people who will be as “unready” as I am but I guess seriously not. Why is everyone tweeting about homework and mourning about how difficult it is when I haven’t even open the damn exercise book. Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not fun to be unhealthy alone.

Time check, school is reopening in 19 hours. What am I doing? Playing PS4.

My mom is so nice till the point where she got me a damn PS4 like 2 days ago, can’t blame if I get hooked up by that damn black console who is luring me every second. Its staring at me RIGHT NOW, and be like “pick me up Celine, play me, press my buttons”, literally, I’m like “no…no… n… YES, I am coming baby no worries”

Sorry guys got to go, my baby(PS4) is calling for me.

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