Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I am late at this. I mean what have I not been late at? (NOTHING)

Honestly, I was kind of shocked when I saw this piece of new but I was pleasantly surprised.

So, US legalized same sex marriage for 50 states. All I can feel is thankfulness, the acceptance for same sex marriage is very minimal across the globe but with US being the guide for it, there might just be more good news coming up.

Love was never defined over gender nor age nor anything.

It was people that decided that same sex marriage is illegal and wrong and sinful(some). We were the one that created this whole image of a male must be together with a female, it wasn’t there right from the beginning isn’t it?

From what I know, the only Asian countries that allows same sex marriage is Nepal and Vietnam. What in the world? Asia is such a big place but ONLY TWO COUNTRIES LEGALIZED IT. Isn’t it time Asia? Isn’t it time Singapore?

Everyone was born to love and get loved.

And I strongly believe in that.

I was so proud to know that someone finally stepped out and did actions with voices.
There are many cases where people bite back on laws because they couldn’t do what they desire. Although some say “if you really love each other, you don’t have to get married what”. Oh sorry I totally didn’t know that from the start. Marriage is a sole long commitment and promise for both parties. Why is marriage banned in the first place? O.O

Just, out there. If you’re a girl and you like a girl and she likes you back and stuff, or if you’re a guy and you like a boy and he likes you back and stuff, you guys don’t deserve all these weird stares when you hold each other’s hand, or give each other loving hugs and kisses. No, you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve needing to hide whenever you both are together. You don’t deserve to be ashamed or feel lesser than others just because you were born this way.

Heart felt words, go for this. Hold on and not give up, one day blessings WILL come to you no matter what.

So what if you’re lesbian? Or gay? Or Bisexual?

We are all just one tiny human in this earth in a limitless universe.

I believe we should all learn how to embrace other’s differences and see the beauty in it. Because, love is beautiful, and it will always be.


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