Monday, 20 July 2015

NAVIGATION | finding you

No matter who you are, who you might be. A student, an adult, or none of the above, you might or might have gone through this stage of life. It is a vicious cycle and it will happen once or more times in some points of your life.

Have you ever sat down and suddenly ask yourself:

Where am I?

What am I going to do?

Where am I heading to?

Why am I here?

One word to describe all these,  LOST.

It is just a feeling, there might not be a reason but definitely, something must have triggered it to happen. That feeling of losing your way is very daunting, because you are all alone. No one would help, or rather, no one can help because the problems lies deep within you. No matter what that happened that made you this way, a breakup, a fight, an emotional release, a shocking truth, you are not alone. You might think that your situation is very difficult and tough, and yes indeed it is, but it is not the worst, learning how to pack up your feelings and face it stronger. You get uneasy about the outcomes, get scared by what hasn’t happened yet.

It is all about you and yourself.

What about that man? Celine will teach you how to get your shit up right again.

Be a beginner again. I have no idea where this thought came from, probably from experience. If you feel like you know everything already, find something you do not know, and master it. Because picking up another skill will just enable yourself to find another aspect of life. There isn’t a rule, if you want to catch some pokemons, cool go get some pokeballs and start catching some, that’s life. Observe yourself, how to react to certain things, those might be signs and directions to the new light you are approaching.

Learning everything from the start all over again will probably give you a new vision. For example, I hate rock songs but now half of my playlist is rock and metal songs, and the reason behind it was because I gave it a second try.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Some people just cannot let go of what happened in the past and let it haunt them for life literal and legit.  One question: FOR WHAT????????? Move on human, you deserve a future.

Live like you never did before and always remember, you are you. Take your time to find yourself again, no hurry, no one is pointing a gun at you and forcing you to be something. Take it slow and you’ll get somewhere.

Love y’all.

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