Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Potential Food-Champion

I am having really big issues, I am not sure if the muslims are having Hari Raya or I am having Hari Raya. 

The amount of food I eat within this week is EXTREMELY TERRIBLY and HORRENDOUS.

There is a potential that I could possibly join the next food-eating-related competition and freaking own it. I enjoy my food to its fullest so guys, I am not on a diet. My cheeks are getting huge, making my body not proportional at all because my body can’t get really fat…….

Here you go, enjoy the pictures of the food. [more words after the pictures, so scroll]

I spent a lot more time with my family than I ever did in the past. I am not sure if it is me growing up and realising the importance of them slowly or am I just really lonely and no one asks me out and I am.. ok.

Well, spending time with my family isn’t bad at all. Just look, I do not have to pay for the huge amount of food I eat… (although sometimes I do), I get to get games and have long conversations with my brother and sisters just talking about how we should game. Those are filling up my life so much. I was empty than filled all over again.

It wasn’t that bad to confide to your parents actually. They are grown adults and most likely have crazy more experiences than you did, whatever you are going through, they know and they are probably the people that knows you best. Well undeniable genes.

Short one till Saturday <3

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