Sunday, 26 July 2015


I am older now.

Not sure if there is any difference but I am 16, okay.

This year, somehow somewhat I had a great time this year. Appreciate everything, esp those people that came or called to say happy birthday and stuff. The first thing that happened to the last, was very precious to me. Sweet 16 wasn’t bad at all. I have pretty bad experiences with birthdays so I’ve learnt to have low expectation for everything I suppose?

This year’s celebration although it’s not like greatest or what compared to others but I spent the whole day with my loved ones and that’s all I need.

Even though the person I want to receive wishes from the most didn’t wish me.

My dad is pretty cool, he wants to get me something and I just started being cheeky right from the start. He is an amazing dad hehe.

 Got to the movies, and damn. Ant-Man was yet another wonderful creation from marvels (is this even correct information). I am pretty impressed how simple the concept of the hero is but yet they are pretty complexify the whole thing and freaking use Ants and everything bye.  

Just because I said I wanted to eat ice cream, I got to eat 4 different ice cream within one day. Damn, I want to freaking eat all of those again. Ice cream has been an escape and it will always be until I am 90 years old. I will be the person on earth that lives for the existence of ice cream. I love ice cream and it will always stay close to my heart, my ice cream, my life. I chose to eat Chinese food as well since it was my favorite as well, because it is so hard to go wrong with the Chinese cuisine (that’s what I thought).

I had two outfits for my birthday. Well, I am loving my recent clothes hurhur.

Hi hello, may I declare my 16th birthday cake is better than yours? I have the BEST CAKE IDEA EVER. Because I can never decide on one flavour for the cake so my siblings thought of buying each of the cake in slices and arrange it to a circle though there isn’t enough to fit a perfect circle, my dad thought of this idea of drawing a half face on a piece of paper and make it look like some japanese manga girl hehe. LOVE THIS CAKE A LOT, it is a layered cake not even sure what is it called but that is what I am calling it.

thanks to those people who sent their wishes and I love you <3

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