Thursday, 3 September 2015

❤ Admiration + Light Novel(???) ❤

Most of the time act of stupidity means the lack ability to admire.

No interest in anything, and naturally there won’t be the admiration.

Admiration is knowledge, admiration is understanding, admiring is a visually amazing thing.

Admiring others is a type of respect, being admired is a type of reassurance. No one will think admiration as a misfortune. If an action, a smile, a trick, a laugh can enable someone to feel admired, I doubt it is something abnormal for all. Human in heart as least.

Everything happens naturally, just like how the birds will sing and the flowers will wither. Just look around and you will see the real fantasy scenes, everything has a push button, admiration is no exception. Admiration is a type of assistance, a type of “hospital”, it is the art of warmth and expression.

If you admire the height of the mountains, you will find strength and persistence within.

If you admire the rushing river, you will find purity and sanity within.

If you admire the tree, you will find dignity and freedom within.

If you admire the grass along the road sides, you will find hope within.

Admiring something has a very vast difference compared to being curious, you need sincere eyes and wisdom. Admiring something needs a big heart and a sensitive heart, and of course to be dauntless.
Admiration is the steps of life, it makes life more interesting. Everyone looks at things differently, at different angles. Smart people take someone away after they admire, retarded people can only see the bad side of things.

To a very precious art piece, the person who can destroy it easily isn’t the creator, it is the people who do not try to understand. A person with shallow mind cannot portray big things, they do not show signs of admiration.

Admiration is another level, another dimension, another source of inspiration.

What do you aspire to become?

I have some exciting news which is… I will be typing my very own light novel on this blog starting from November 6th. I worked really hard for this short light novel, so I hope you guys will like it. I am not a professional, I am just doing what I feel like it’s fun. <3

Remember, aspire to become, admire to get inspired. 

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