Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Just one day.

If only I had just one day

I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent
If there’s a chance in my busy schedule
I want to put my body in your warm and deep eyes
Wherever we go, my handbag is your waist
Yo ma honey, whenever I see you, I run out of breath
Your voice when you say my name
I wanna be locked in you and swim in you, I want to know you more
An explorer venturing through your deep forest of mystery
I appreciate the masterpiece that is you because your existence alone is art
I imagine this all night every day because it’s a meaningless dream anyway

I’m sorry, maybe I’m too rational

But still, if you see me some day, smile
Maybe you resent me a little or no, a lot

I know, I couldn’t look at you more because of my dream
Then just give me one day, even if it’s in my dream, just one day
Out of all those words I had to swallow because of the excuse of reality
I’ll pick one and tell it to you for sure
Let’s meet when the lilies bloom and say goodbye when they wither
I didn’t think I’d get over you easily but
Is it selfish of me to hope you are the same?
I’m still lying, saying that it’s all for you
You are standing in the center of my life.


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