Tuesday, 17 November 2015

emotional thoughts & flashbacks on the MRT

Hi everyone, so I am currently on the train. 

This post is not discriminating anyone, or pointing fingers at anyone, or even letting anyone's mindset or anything, Im not even sure what I am typing anymore but yeah. This post is genuinely my opinion and some thoughts I have.

So, there is a guy who has born deformities in the train together in the same cabin as me. He is making all sorts of noises while holding on to a map. 

When he first came into the cabin, people shifted away with disgust and judgmental eyes. I didn't. I stood root to where I was, not because I was an extremely kind and non-judgmental person, but because I was under a state of shock. 

I was shocked to see this happening. Never thought it would occur. 

I can't help but feel sympathetic over this situation.

Story time: when i was much younger. My parents brought me to Bangkok, and it's state itself has many people who can't survive and eventually resorted to begging as a way of life. As a young kid as I am, I couldn't understand the situation. But when I saw an old man on the ground, with no legs, begging for money, I cried uncontrollably for no reason. Probably knowing the fact that I am very blessed to have been born as a normal person, I shed tears. This is a true story. I even remember my parents brought me to the exact same person and gave all my coins to him. Which made it super unforgettable. I guess it's a child-innocence. 

So, back to the train. I got a shock over the situation and stunned there for a few seconds. Got over it within 15 seconds. That is when i studied the people around me, their faces, their reaction over this. 

There were people that shifted themselves to another cabin, there were people staring at him as if he was some sea aquarium exhibit, there were people that couldn't even be bothered. To my surprise, most of the people, reacted the same way as I did, which is to just accept the situation and just continue to do whatever they are doing. 

No more judgmental eyes, no more despising eyes. 

I have always been pretty grateful to be born with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two ears, a pretty normal looking face and body. This just strengthen my thoughts and morals as to being a person, a good person. 

I strongly look up to them, who stayed so strong and continue to live their lives to the fullest, some even more than normal people like us. If I were to end up in the same state as them, I'd probably be very lost and upset all day. 

It is something we should all learn. We all have alot, alot more to appreciate and cherish. 

I'm sorry if you found this offensive in any way.

Once again, thanks for reading this small space I share my little thoughts with. ❤️

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