Thursday, 5 November 2015

thoughts about having small boobs

This post is more for the females, and if you are a male, please kindly click out of this post. Or rather, maybe you should read this and stop discriminating the girls.

So, I am going to touch on something that is pretty sensitive, so I hope you guys can put on your mature cap and read this openly.

All these are solely on my opinion, so do not get too offended in any sense. If I ever mention something that has happened to you, it is just a pure coincidence.

Boobs, small boobs. Flat-Chested. Airport. Mosquito bites. Whatever you want to call it. You see breast everywhere, and hence it is not something uncommon.

Breast has caused much stirs not only online, but also in the real world. People get insecure, people get sensitive and some just lose confidence over it.

Females that has small breast tend to think that they are less feminine, less attractive, less sexy. Which leads to what I just typed, insecureness. It is hard to deny that breast have became something people would notice and used as something that can be flaunt to others.

This society taught us to always be perfect. In terms of height, face, size, body shape, weight. 36 24 36 body proportion is standard and if you do not have it, you’re a loser. I personally have small chest and honestly, I feel alright about it. I know, I am only 16, yah dah yah dah, you don’t know the outside world’s judgement. Technically you are wrong because people in school are the most judgmental ones.

Guys be laughing at us, saying how “flat” we are. As much as most of us just take it lightly, we get hurt unknowingly knowing our flaws are being pointed out to the crowd.
I know girls my age be wearing double push up bras, Victoria secret bombshell bras just to let others think that they have fuller chest.

I am not stopping you from wearing those amazing inventions but hell girl, your mentality is wrong.

DO IT FOR YOURSELF, not others. If you choose to cosmic yourself just for others, it is not worth it.

If you need those as a boost of your own confidence, sure go ahead. Never do it to impress someone. Trust me, who are you trying to impress really, you should really just be impressing yourself.

You might hate your small breast, but you have to remember not all guys like big boobs. Ought to learnt how embrace it and make it a work of your symphony.

Just think about the positive things about having smaller chest.

You get to get cuter clothes, you get to wear more revealing clothes without looking too overwhelming, you get to buy cuter bras that doesn’t offer bigger sizes. You can even choose to go braless without anyone knowing.

To me, a handful is enough.

Well, have some rational thoughts about it.

Embrace every part of you.

No one is perfect so is okay to be imperfect somewhere.

As long as you take caution and love every part of yourself, your self-confidence will easily shoot sky high. Honestly I think the main reason why this escalates is because some guys create a false image of a perfect girl and now, girls have the mentality that having a fuller chest means beauty.

You girl, someone is gonna appreciate you for who you are and not for your chest size.
And if the guy is the reason why you are being so insecure, then, dump him. It is not worth it.

Love yourself from now onwards.

Why would you even care about other people’s opinion?

Why would you even not speak up?

Why would you dilute the other things that you might be good at?

Why would you want to change yourself for others that don’t even mind?

Be it anything.

You, just be you.

Good Luck.

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